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Glory TV

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 Pubblicato April 28, 2017, and last modified 6 months ago.

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Glory TV (Punjabi: ਗਲੋਰੀ ਟੀਵੀ) (Urdu: گلوری ٹیوی‎) is an international Christian non-denominational television channel catering to the British Indian and British Pakistani Christian communities, offering religious programming primarily in Punjabi and Urdu. It is the first Christian channel broadcasting live and recorded programming in Punjabi and Urdu within Europe.

Glory TV is based in London, with the recording of various programs taking place in key Christian communities in the United Kingdom such as Slough, Hounslow, Leicester, Wolverhampton, Southall, Glasgow and other areas with prominent British Asian churches. Programs are also recorded in and broadcast from Italy, France, and the Netherlands, where Punjabi- and Urdu-speaking Christians are located. Religious programming and tour footage from Israel are also shown daily.


Pam Munir is an Indian-born Sikh British national who established the channel alongside her husband Sarfraz Munir, a Pakistani-born non-practicing Christian and singer after they both converted to Christianity following a religious encounter which led to Pam leaving Sikhism and Sarfraz becoming a practicing Christian.

The couple worked from a rented studio in London alongside a small dedicated team to produce Christian content on evangelism and Biblical teaching whilst being completely voluntarily funded and creating live programming whilst editing prerecorded footage. They currently are based mainly on Slough. The Munir's have four children together.

On 27th September 2014, Glory TV entertained the thoughts and opinions of inspirational Christian speakers, Howard and Renu Dwyer, the latter of the two gave a heartfelt testimony on her near-death experience.

In 2014 Glory TV went off the air for a short time due to not being able to provide its broadcasting fees due to lack of funding as the channel relies entirely upon viewer donations.


As the first channel of its kind to offer Christian television in Punjabi and Urdu in the United Kingdom, Glory TV has mobilized the South Asian Church in Britain and has created grounds of expansion and greater communication for the minority community. The channel has been a source of many conversions in particular from Sikhism and Islam with its efforts to send the Gospel and evangelize in every British Asian household across the United Kingdom and on an international scale to the wider Indian and Pakistani Christian community.

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