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Teos TV

Teos TV

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 Pubblicato December 3, 2016, and last modified 7 months ago.


Teos TV
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TEOS "The eye on style" is the channel dedicated to the excellence of Made in Italy, from furniture to accessories, from the best resort to golf circuits. Teos TV the great media partner for the valorization and development of the brand. TeosTv is a channel suitable for all those who make the style an important reference point for their lives, and here you will find many tips and suggestions for every area of daily life.


The word "Teos" has different meanings. In ancient times, Teos was an Egyptian Pharaoh of the Thirtieth Dynasty. It was also the name of an ancient city on the coast of Lydia, known as the center of the cult of Dionysus, which was known as the site of Dionysian artists' clan who enjoyed their own autonomy. Apart from that, Teos is a molecule in chemistry, used in a process of creating strong bonds between different chains.

The meaning of the word "Teos" in Greek is "The Mighty One", "The Most Powerful", "The Almighty." For me, TEOS is an acronym of The Eye On Style. I will tell you about the most prominent aspects of stylish lifestyles, and in particular, about art exhibitions, vernissages, artists on the cutting edge, interior designs, architectural projects, high-end furnishings, memorable properties, and historical dwellings. I will tell you about the most fascinating places around the world, such as premium hotels and luxury yachts.

My “Eye” is for the care of body and mind, revealing the finest SPA and sophisticated wellness treatments. My “Eye” is for the art of haute cuisine, high-quality wine, and champagne, offering insights into renowned restaurants, exclusive bars, award-winning wineries, and bio-farms. My “Eye” is for high technologies, innovations and applications, new models and great performances.

I will tell you about successful entrepreneurs with rewarding professional experiences, about their brands and companies. I will show you the excellence of "Made in Italy" and much more that it has to offer as seen through my eyes.